A beginning

I have many other blogs, mainly on blogger.com and some of them are more formal and aren’t so personal. I have always used blogger but for the purpose of this new blog, wordpress might be what I really need.  This blog was started a long time ago but I have just revived it from a state of disuse.  I have many blogs on blogger including my personal diary so why on earth have I bothered to start another one on wordpress? You see, the one good thing wordpress has that blogger hasn’t got is the facility to lock up any post you want with a password.  That allows me to post personal matters and have them password-protected.  I used to have to be so careful about the pics I posted and I have many posts that remain in my blogger accounts as “drafts” because I do try not to flout societal decorum and I try hard not to be too offensive but now, these posts and pics can all be posted on this blog without a care in the world.  I will have different categories of posts with different passwords.

Let me give an example of what I mean by indecorous and offensive posts in case my readers get the wrong idea.  By indecorous, I do not mean sexual.  This blog is totally free of what some would term immoral or obscene articles and photos.  I personally find these things inappropriate and distasteful.  I am not passing judgment on those who are into such articles and pics but this is my blog and naturally, I will only post what is appropriate in my opinion.  But I do not consider nudity immoral or inappropriate and I recently joined the Taiwan Naturist Association and have more than a thousand photos taken at the two different naturist resorts in Taiwan.  I am definitely obliged to protect the privacy of the attendees even though many of them think the same as I do that decent nudity is perfectly natural.  Also, I am aware of strong societal objection to this, an objection which can be traced to the rigorous monastic and ascetic tradition of the Middle Ages.  But whatever its origin may be, these rules of propriety remain with us in the 21st century and abide by them I must.

This blog is largely personal in nature.  Some posts are relevant to different groups of people who will be given the password for the different posts which are of interest to them.   Please feel free to leave your comments. But please do not ask me for the password to some of the posts. If they are password-protected, they are probably personal, and unless you are my wife who has access to everything I’ve ever written, they should be of no interest to you.



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